Monday, April 19, 2010

Patio Garden Redux

Good evening fellow musers –

I recently read Farm City by Novella Carpenter. Wonderful book. And I got a bit inspired. So, my rule for the patio garden:

  1. Only plants that are edible may be bought (plant or seed) for the patio garden.
  2. Any plants chosen specifically for flowering must either be transplanted from somewhere or free

Work has been more than willing to help with this effort. Someone had a bunch of seed packets from last year that they were giving away. So, I took anything from Spinach (Melody Hybrid) to Sweet Pea (Explorer Mix). These I took today. I was going to save the rest for the others interested, but after a week of waiting, no one else took seeds. So, I did. My first haul included carrots and swiss chard.

Over the weekend, the farmer’s market yielded two tomato plants, a yellow banana pepper, and a red pepper. A trip to the co-op got me two bags of organic potting soil, heirloom carrot and cucumber seeds (yay for seed savers exchange!), and a few loving glances at broccoli plants. I also went to Johanssens and purchased garlic and large red scallions. The garlic is planted, but the scallions are going to Mom and Dads – they seem to be non-container types.

I also raided my seed stash, from which I planted basil, rosemary and small red scallions from seed. A few of these I started in a biodegradable grower (sitting comfortably on my dresser, away from the prying paws of kitties).

This might be a little overindulgent, and a reaction to both the book, and my yearning to juice any veggie I come across (I haven’t been able to juice since the garbage disposal went out w/ the sink, cabinets and counter top). Need to figure out how to compost and live in an apartment. I would really have some great compost!!!

Feeling better than I did on Thursday and Friday. Who knows what’s going. Usually I can quickly attribute that sick feeling to gluten or dairy, but none that I can think of.

I have to add before signing off – perhaps the BEST thing I purchased at the farmer’s market was a rhubarb jam/jelly/something. It has more the consistency of rhubarb crisp. Rhubarb is so so so amazing. Its something I love dearly, especially in strawberry rhubarb pie. The jar of this magical rhubarb had 3 ingredients – spring water, cane sugar, and rhubarb. Is it bad that its ½ way gone already?

I don’t think so… There are certainly worse things to indulge in.

Ciao for now (iTunes cleaning must commence).


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