Friday, April 16, 2010

Grilling out, stomach ache, taking a step back...

Good afternoon fellow musers –

Yesterday started out pretty much as any other day – breakfast consisted of 2 eggs, scrambled with flax seed, some curry spice, mushrooms and red pepper. Delicious. Made a double batch, so I could take some w/ me to work (really hard to find food around work that I can actually eat, and but I don’t want to eat out in the first place).

I felt pretty normal…

Right after eating breakfast, that all-too-familiar stomach clenching feeling began. Nothing tastes good. Water is the worst. I feel both jittery and weak. Maybe not enough sugar, or carbs? Went on a mission to find something quick I could actually eat in downtown FdL. A great walk, but wasn’t really feeling all that wonderful.

Left FdL still feeing cruddy.

Christine called – perhaps grilling out? Absoultely. Hadn’t seen her in forever. So, I stopped by the coop. Picked up a different kind of sweet potato than usual (Garnet) , as well as two varieties of Applegate Farm’s sausages I hadn’t tried before – Sweet Italian and Fire Roasted Red Pepper. My usual is Chicken and Apple (sweet, delicious, amazing). All are certified organic.

Had a wonderful time w/ Christine and her Mom. Stomach still crabby…

Woke up feeling better but not great. I hate this feeling. This is just a taste of how I was feeling before I was diagnosed w/ dairy and gluten issues. In big-picture terms, it’s the typical American diet that I can’t do anymore – processed foods, refined sugar, gluten, dairy, gmo soy, not enough water, and very little greens and veggies.

Part of this relapse is my limited ability to cook what I want. Bad excuse? Probably. But true. I really enjoy juicing veggies, as I can’t really stand the taste of most of them. Great way to get all the nutrients I need though.

So… hoping, praying, whatever, that my cleaning binge this morning/noon will provoke the cabinet company my landlord is ordering the base cabinets from to get them to Madison. This is not exactly helping my mood…

Enough whining. Food. So the Applegate Farms brats are phenomenal. I enjoyed the brats Christine grilled up last night, but my faves are still the Chicken Apple. We enjoyed the sweet potato with curry powder and onions in a grilled foil bag. A second foil bag held mushrooms, zucchini and red pepper – so delicious! I think might try zucchini direct grilled a little more, but we live and learn.

Website for Applegate Farms –

Depending on my stomach, I might try Chicago/Philly Christine’s grilled asparagus recipe. Will definitely post.

Ciao for Now.


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