Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the Beginning...

So a friend of mine (and former student), Catherine, asked:

"Do you, by chance, have a blog where you post your delicious food adventures??? I collect tasty food blogs..."

Wow, to me, a great compliment. I really was just posting my recent foodi-ness so that I could show I was following through with my recent GF (gluten-free) and DF (dairy-free) lifestyle. I really wasn't thinking anyone was getting much out of it, other than myself.

Earlier that day, my Aunt Ronna posted "I am so proud of you. I wish you lived closer. You could feed me. Well, I'd have to skip the salmon, but love to read about all your fruits and veggies and smoothies and whatever."


So hey, why not. Its free to create a blog - maybe this one I'll actually keep up with.

I suppose the added bonus of this, is actually documenting my food successes, failures, stuff I liked, stuff that made its way quickly to the trash or was followed by something tastier.

So here it is. Micha's Food Musings.

DISCLAIMER: I am no chef. I am not really a cook. This really is all the product of a life change (I'm sure I will post more about that later). If you have suggestions - I'd love to hear them. Somethings that might seem obvious to anyone reading this blog - trust me, I won't be offended if you suggest something. I probably just haven't thought of it yet. Or read it online. Or heard it from a friend.

Ciao For Now.

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