Friday, July 9, 2010

Green Beans, Sweet Potato and Bacon...

Wow. So delicious.


Growing up, my Mom would make a quick and easy (cheap) concoction out of fresh-picked green beans, cubed ham, and cubed potatoes. All of it would go into a pot, and boil. The ham had so much flavor, and seasoned the beans and potatoes to deliciousness.


This week’s CSA share was pretty diverse, but I was so excited to see green beans. I love them, but usually must make do with frozen. These, however, were fresh, and delicious. I haven’t bought a potato in months, but of course, I had sweet potatoes on hand. Why not give it a go? And bacon – not store bought either. But from a hog that my parents had purchased from our local friend and hog farmer, then butchered locally.


The result?


A delicious, sweet meal, that ensures the beans won’t go bad in my fridge, and another tasty way to make sweet potatoes.


I’m still working on making sure my CSA share doesn’t go to waste – it’s a learning process, for sure.


More to come.




RECIPE (if you can call it that)


1 medium sized sweet potato, cubed

4-6 slices of bacon, chopped (ham is delicious as well!)

Green beans. This quantity is really more of whatever looks like the tastiest ratio.


Put all ingredients, including a little salt and pepper,  into a pot with about a cup of water. Set on low heat, and cover. Watch it for about a half hour, stirring occasionally. I had to eyeball the water quantity.



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